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The holidays are coming. If that news makes your blood pressure rise, you’re not alone. Lucky for you, Apothic Wines has crafted a slightly mischievous holiday bag of tricks with the best tips, tricks and holiday hacks to mix up a more colorful end of the year. Because you shouldn’t just survive the holidays. You should savor them—like a rich glass of Apothic Wine.

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Holiday Hack #1

Scenario: The only drink at the extended family holiday happy hour is eggnog.

Holiday Hack: Take a polite sip and some solace in the fact that you’re not alone in secretly despising the ‘nog. Then cheerfully offer up a little variety by crafting this delicious mulled wine with our bold, Apothic Inferno, our red blend that’s aged for 60 days in toasted whiskey barrels. Infuse a little whiskey-spirited intrigue into your family soiree.

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Holiday Hack #2

Scenario: Game night just took a turn from fun to feisty after an ace fell out of you uncle’s sleeve into the spinach dip.

Holiday Hack: Flash the clandestine rescue signal you agreed on with the cousins—ear lobe tug, nose flick or eyebrow dance—and quickly deescalate the situation, reminding everyone it’s just a game. Then, pour everyone a cold glass of Apothic White, while plotting your competitive revenge by studying all the answers for the following eve’s trivia game.

Apothic White in Ice Bucket
Apothic Red with Chocolate Candies
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Holiday Hack #3

Scenario: Crickets chirp as your crass brother-in-law finishes his especially off-color iteration of the aristocrats joke during an otherwise-innocent gingerbread house construction party.

Holiday Hack: Restore the rosy red color to your family’s ghost white faces with these slightly more appropriate holiday jokes to get the festive mood back on track, then uncork the classic, intriguing Apothic Red.

  • Why did the snowman bail on drinks again? Because he’s a total flake.
  • Why did Scrooge hold up a liquor store? He was badly in need of some holiday spirits.
  • What’s green, covered in tinsel and goes ‘ribbet ribbet’? A Mistle-toad.
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    Holiday Hack #4

    Scenario: Insufferable holiday music plays on repeat.

    Holiday Hack: Flash the secret “long walk” signal to your co-conspirators and escape out back with a chilled bottle of Apothic Rose to share your darkest secrets. Well, maybe not your darkest ones. Oh, and don’t forget the stainless-steel tumblers.

    Apothic Rosé
    Apothic Single Serve
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    Holiday Hack #5

    Scenario: You caught grandma drinking wine from a soda can during the neighborhood holiday light stroll.

    Holiday Hack: Light up a proper Aperitivo by cracking open a shareable two pack of Apothic Red Single Serve and some dark chocolate. Then, cheers and get to asking Mee-maw about some of her most mischievous holiday memories.

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    Holiday Hack #6

    Scenario: Dad makes coffee too-strong for everyone at dessert, keeping the grand inquisition about your love life and social calendar going for another caffeinated couple of hours.

    Holiday Hack: Turn off the coffee maker, break out the foul-mouthed party games and pour the adults a glass of Apothic Dark—our brooding dark red with notes of coffee, blackberries and dark chocolate.

    Apothic Dark and Chocolate Candies