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Elevate your wine game with our curated array of wine cocktails featuring some of our signature Apothic wines. From wine spritzers to vibrant sangrias, discover creative concoctions that redefine the art of mixology and delight your palate with every sip.

Sunlit Symphony

Apothic Chard, Mango & Guava Puree

The Dark Tempest

Red Wine, Rum, Lime & Ginger Beer

Cherry Eclipse

Red Wine, Cherry Juice & Cola

The First Impression

Red Wine, Bourbon & Lime Juice

Scarlet Spice

Red Wine, Bourbon & Orange Juice

Mulled Wine

Red Wine, Apple Cider & Brandy

Espresso Affogato

Espresso & Vanilla Ice Cream

Apothic Spice

Red Wine, Bourbon, Anise, & Clover

Apothic Hot Chocolate

Red Wine & Hot Chocolate Cocktail

Espresso Martini

Red Wine & Espresso

Red Twist

Red Wine and Orange Juice

Pinot Noir Margarita

Pinot Noir and Tequila

Red Passion Cocktail

Red Wine, Bourbon & Amaretto Cocktail

Apothic Highball

Pinot Noir and Ginger Ale Cocktail

Apothic Red Sunset

Red Wine and Citrus Juice Cocktail

Black Widow

Red Wine & Licorice Liqueur

Apothic Rosé Sangria

Rosé and Triple Sec Sangria

Apothic Black Ice

Merlot and Blackberries Cocktail

Apothic Red Float

Red Wine and Vanilla Ice Cream

Cranberry Ginger Fizz

Red Wine, Cranberry Juice & Ginger Beer

Apothic Kalimotxo

Red Wine & Cola Cocktail

Apothic Red Cosmo

Red Wine & Vodka Cocktail

The Bishop

Red Wine & Rum Cocktail

Cherry Lime Spritzer

Red Wine, Lime & Cherry

Apothic Frozé

Rosé and Frozen Strawberries Cocktail

Dark Manhattan

Red Wine and Bourbon

Apothic Sour Pour Over

Red Wine & Bourbon Cocktail

Rebellious Red Sangria

Red Wine & Brandy Cocktail

White Wine Spritzer

White Wine and Tonic

Apothic White Sangria

White Wine & E & J Brandy Cocktail

Apothic Rosé Spritz

Rosé and Select Aperitivo Cocktail

White Mint Mojito

White Wine & Ginger Beer Cocktail

Apothic Ginger Sparkler

Red Wine & Ginger Beer Cocktail

White Ginger

White Wine & Gin Cocktail

Mistletoe Cocoa

Red Wine & Chocolate Cocktail

Red Wine Gin Sour

Red Wine & Gin Cocktail

The Whiskey Seduction

Red Wine & Whiskey Cocktail

Red Wine Pears

Red Wine and Pears


Sparkling Red Wine & Scotch Cocktail

Maple Bourbon Sour

Red Wine & Bourbon Cocktail

Irish Red Sangria

Red Wine & Irish Whiskey Cocktail

The Inferno Sour

Red Wine & Bourbon Cocktail

Devil's Maple Margarita

Red Wine & Tequila Blanco Cocktail

The Dash of Fire

Red Wine & Whiskey Cocktail

Chocolate Berry Crush

Red Wine, Red Fruits & Chocolate