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07 JULY 2022

Romance the moment with Red Wine Truffles

If wine & chocolate had a love affair this would be it. Try our delicious recipe in celebration of national chocolate day.

11 FEB 2022

Apothic Crush Wine & Chocolate Cupcakes

We took your two favorite things and put them together. That is, assuming chocolate cupcakes and Apothic Crush are two of your favorite things (and why wouldn't they be)

02 OCT 2021

Meet The Mysteriously Smooth Apothic Cab

Winemaker, Deb Juergenson, has continued to create a unique approach to the winemaking process that delivers unexpected, bold wines – one being Apothic Cab.

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27 JULY 2021

Enjoy the night with
Apothic White.

Apothic White will light up your palate and complement your next unforgettable night. Find out what makes this daring blend so intriguing.

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14 MAY 2021

Freshly Inked Label. Same Vibrant Rosé.

Like an intriguing tattoo, our Rosé has a story to tell. That’s why we enlisted the talents of tattoo artist, Sasha Masiuk, to give us a freshly inked update to our Rosé wine label.

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01 APR 2021

A Rebellious Spin On A California Red Blend

Revolutionizing the Red Blend space with a unique and bold twist, Apothic Red breaks the rules of traditional blends by offering the unexpected in every sip.

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15 MAR 2021

What’s March without a little madness?

Help us decide which daring Apothic wine and ‘Would You Rather’ question we should add to our March itinerary.

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01 MAR 2021

Two Clever Cocktails To Ring In Spring

Looking for new, delicious inspiration to be at your side as we head into the warmer months ahead? These clever cocktails will do the trick.

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01 FEB 2021

Apothic’s Guide to Online Dating

Online dating can be exciting, awkward and fun all at once. Explore our tips and tricks to avoid the perils that come with finding ‘the one.’

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01 FEB 2021

Two New Wines To Try This Weekend

We welcomed two highly anticipated wines into our Apothic family - introducing Apothic Pinot Noir and Apothic Merlot.

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20 JAN 2021

Five Realistic Resolutions To Keep

If you follow these resolution suggestions, we guarantee you’re going to have an unforgettable year with Apothic at your side.

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15 DEC 2020

The Perfect Gift For Everyone On Your List

Unique holiday presents for everyone on your list so you can finish your gifting in one sitting and get back to whatever mischief you had cooking.

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01 DEC 2020

How to Thrive during the Holidays

How to manage holiday gaffes using the best tips, tricks and hacks to mix up a more colorful holiday.

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15 NOV 2020

Shake It Up With 6 Fall Wine Cocktails

As the leaves fall, raise one of our twisted fall wine cocktails and toast to the most colorful time of year.

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13 OCT 2020

7 Scary Movie & Wine Pairings To Die For

Curl up in your costume of comfort, sip and get spooked with these Halloween movie genre and wine pairings.

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