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What’s Your Type? Ours Is Rich, Decadent, and Delicious.

Everyone knows red wine and chocolate are a match made in heaven, so why not elevate your “me time” with tasting notes to compliment that rich, chocolate flavor?
With three of our favorite mouthwatering flavor combinations, you’re bound to find the right match to suit your Valentines’ vibe.

Apothic Red & Dark Chocolate Covered Cherries

The romantic: classy and timeless. You luxuriate in the little things in life, your signature move is a well tailored LBD and a red lip, and you never reveal too much on the first date (unless they bring red roses, of course). With notes of cherry, mocha, and vanilla, Apothic Red pairs beautifully with dark chocolate covered cherries for a deliciously romantic tasting experience as extravagant as you are.

Apothic Inferno & Dark Chili Chocolate

The wildcard: bold and feisty. You’re more of a “dare” than a “truth”, the first to hit the dance floor on any given night out, and you definitely have sky diving on your bucket list. For a wildcard like yourself, we suggest pairing Inferno’s notes of dark berry, maple, and spiced vanilla with a dark chili chocolate as spicy as your last date night.

Apothic Crush & Dark Chocolate
Raspberry Truffles

The jetsetter: carefree and spontaneous. If we threw a dart at a map of the world, you’ve probably already been there. You have a wandering spirit and love fiercely. Your passport looks more like a stamp collection. And your sweater? Oh, you just picked it up from some gorgeous little open aired market in southeast asia. If you need a treat that can hold your attention,try pairing dark chocolate raspberry truffle with Apothic Crush for explosive flavor that’ll keep even you on your toes.

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