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Curating Your Home Bar to Match Your Zodiac Sign

So, you’ve established yourself as the hostess with the mostess, the weekly watch party house, the wine night kick back spot. The next logical step? Up your bar cart game and see how the evening changes for the better.

If you’re not sure where to start lean into your zodiac sign to help curate a bar cart that matches your energy.


As the leaders of the zodiac, and the cardinal fire sign, you’ll want to make a bold impression with your style. Try incorporating plenty of pops of color in your glassware, and consider a classic gold bar cart to reflect your warm personality.


You’re grounded, controlled, and earthy, and you certainly know how to treat yourself. Try going for a farmhouse modern vibe- and don’t forget to add a plant to liven up the space!


Passionate, creative, and unpredictable, it’s no simple task for a Gemini to commit to just one style. Lean into your artistic side with an eclectic modern approach, with a funky retro style incorporating art wherever possible!


You’ve probably been described as “an old soul” at least a dozen times. Lean into it with classic vintage style and delicate details. Don’t be afraid to hit up your local thrift and antique stores to source some pre-loved treasures!


You’re the life of the party, and everybody knows it. Since you’re probably the one hosting, you’ll want your home bar to make an impression as big and bold as your personality! Bring life into the space with a plant or two, and try an art deco style bar cart in your favorite color: gold.


Precise, cunning and clean, there’s not a hair out of line in a Virgo’s kitchen. Consider scandinavian modern style for your bar, leaning into the neutral color palette and ergonomic design, and of course, clean, classic glassware.


Decadence is your middle name. Ruled by the planet venus, Libras know that beauty is a superpower. Surround yourself with symmetry, and pay attention to the details- like that adorable trinket you just thrifted, a framed photo, or fresh bouquet of roses.


There’s nothing wrong with intensity! For a mysterious and driven individual such as yourself, lean into dark, moody colors and gothic design. A few tall, drippy candles may set the mood for your evening.


Between jet setting the globe and tending to your 15 hobbies, it’s rare you settle down for a drink at home. Keep it simple and easy with clean lines and clear glass, and don’t be afraid to display your collection of vintage cocktail recipe books!


Your no nonsense approach to life translates to your style, and we’re living for it. Consider a bold. Brutalist design with plenty of deep jewel toned colors in the glassware to ground you. Try adding organic elements, like wooden coasters to soften the look.


You’re a free spirit, and in your house, the spirits flow freely. Lean into a bohemian style bar cart with plenty of color and texture, and don’t forget to keep a speaker on hand for when you’re craving an impromptu interpretive dance party.


Sensitive, sweet, and nurturing, you make those around you feel loved and taken care of, and want your home to reflect that vibe with plenty of life. Go ahead and make your bar cart the mini jungle oasis of your dreams! Green and blue glassware is a must.

If the thought of starting from scratch feels daunting, consider entering the “And things just got interesting” sweepstakes for a chance to win your very own bar cart setup and accessories for your home.

Need a cocktail to go with that glass? We got you covered.

Cherry Lime Spritzer

Cab with Cherry, Zest Lime and Bitters

Rosé Frozé

Rosé with Frozen Strawberries, Lemon Juice and Sugar

Red Passion

Red with Bourbon, Amaretto and Cherry Infuser