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This year, we’re rejecting new year’s resolutions – we think we’ve earned it to take a year off of promised betterment (we were never good at it anyway).

We’re saying no thanks to laundry lists of self-improvement “to dos.” Broken promises just don’t sound as enticing this year.

But that doesn’t mean we can’t set some goals to make mischief. Below are some ideas to inspire your list of evolved resolutions:

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Product Image Pending for Apothic

1 Read More This Year

Read through the critic reviews of that one period drama you’ve been meaning to see before inevitably binge-watching Season 1 of your favorite sitcom. Again.

2 Add Cardio into Your Routine

Solo dance parties (in loungewear, of course) are not only a great form of cardio exercise, but a liberating way to shake cares away.

3 Improve a Relationship

...with yourself. Take ‘me time’ to revel in life’s simplest pleasures at the end of a long day or to begin an adventurous night in. Because what pairs better with a glass of wine than a relaxing evening?

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4 Cultivate Your Kitchen Skills

Cooking at home means you can whip up exactly what you want at any given moment. Whether it’s pizza at 7AM or pancakes at 7PM, permit yourself to indulge in cravings exactly when you’re craving them.

5 Build a Better Budget

Vow to save more money by outlining a budget for yourself that’s both realistic and leaves room for life’s little enjoyments...

If you follow these resolution suggestions, we guarantee you’re going to have an unforgettable year with Apothic at your side.

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