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The only thing that goes together better than Halloween and horror movies is wine and a glass. And with the spooky season upon us, we couldn’t help but imagine the possibilities of putting all these scary-good things together. But since the horror movie genre is as nuanced and diverse as our wines, we thought you should have access to our sinister guide for Halloween movie genres & wine pairings that make for a mischievous night in. So put that candy bowl outside—honor system style—curl up in your costume of comfort, sip and get spooked with these Halloween horror movie & wine pairings to die for.

Apothic Dark
Product Image Pending for Apothic

Apothic Dark & Gothic Horror

Gothic horror movies stylishly explore complex relationships between love, death, good and evil. Deep, dark and dripping with beauty, the gothic horror is the most romantic horror movie genre—delving into the shadows of vintage terror with perverse pleasure. We recommend augmenting their dark mystique with the brooding Apothic Dark and its sensual chocolate and blueberry notes.

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Apothic Inferno & Supernatural

Supernatural horror movies deliver their thrills and chills through hauntings, the afterlife and Poltergeist. That’s precisely why we recommend pairing these spooky spectacles with the rule-breaking, rouge, Apothic Inferno—a hellraising wine aged 60 days in whiskey barrels.

Supernatural Apothic Inferno
Apohtic Crush Slasher
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Apothic Crush & Slasher

Maybe the most hallowed of Halloween horror movie genres, slashers are saturated with passion and delve deeply into primal fears. And they all share one key color in common—Red, lots of it. These horrifying flicks belong with the luscious notes of ripe raspberry jam and the smooth, caramel finish of Apothic Crush.

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Apothic Cab & Psychological Thriller

In the psychological thriller, nothing is what it seems. These movies captivate us with themes of altered psychological and emotional states, often revealing the darkest subtleties of the human condition. They crawl into our heads and stay there, lingering on the palate just like Apothic Cab and its frighteningly delicious dark fruit notes and haunting aromas of vanilla. It goes mischievously well with heady-suspense, red herrings and blown minds.

Apothic Cab Psychological
Apothic Red Cult Classic
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Apothic Red & Cult Classics

Cult classic horror movies call for the iconic Apothic Red. Both earned their stripes by being bold, daring and unforgettable. Revisit an old favorite or make a new discovery while savoring the disturbingly delicious dark red fruit notes and flirtatious hints of vanilla that make this legendary wine a fan favorite and permanent invite to movie night.

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Apothic Pinot Noir & Zombie

No vampires, mummies or ghosts here. Zombie horror movies play by their own rules with an undead antagonist of a different color. We recommend juxtaposing these disturbing stories with the lively and alluring Apothic Rosé and its vibrant notes of raspberry, watermelon and strawberry. This light-bodied wine belies dark intentions and compliments sweaty palms, breath holding and intense suspense.

Apothic Pinot Noir Zombies
Apothic White Murder Mystery
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Apothic White & Murder Mystery

Who? Where? Why? How? Murder mysteries make us question the sly smirk in that seemingly pure-intentioned white wine on the table. Light and floral with firm notes of pineapple and peach aplomb, Apothic White almost completely conceals its dark secrets, making it the perfect companion to your Halloween murder mystery matinee.