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Are you single? Looking for love and not sure where to begin? Love the idea of putting yourself out there without leaving the comfort of your couch? Online dating can be exciting, awkward, repetitive, fun, and frustrating all at once, so below are our tips and tricks to avoid the perils that come with finding ‘the one.’

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Product Image Pending for Apothic

Daring Dates Handbook

  • Wear your most striking red. From lipstick to leather, make a bold statement right out of the gate.
  • Think about lighting. Nothing kills the mood quite like looking like a villain emerging from the shadows of your at-home office.
  • Set up a space that intrigues them. The items displayed in your home will help to paint the picture of who you really are.
  • Write down some questions that are bound to keep them curious - from ‘do you have any tattoos?’ to ‘tell me about something mischievous you’ve done,’

  • Need to escape or level up a date taking a turn for the awkward?
  • Suggest a game of ‘Would You Rather’ to get some daring deets on your date.
  • Date isn’t going as expected? Pretend to freeze. Nothing scarier than pursuing someone with bad WiFi.
  • Have a friend call with an “emergency.” It’s the oldest trick in the book for a reason. It works.