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Product Image Pending for Apothic

So you haven’t found the perfect gift for anyone…yet. No unique holiday presents for Grandma, Dad, your cousin or the office white elephant party. Nothing. Once again, you didn’t end up getting ahead of your gift list.

Smart move, actually. Behold your bespoke list of unique holiday presents for everyone on your list. Finish your gifting in one sitting and get back to whatever mischief you had cooking.

Product Image Pending for Apothic

Apothic Red

The perfect gift for the bold matriarch who has it all. Apothic Red is the smooth, bold, dark blend that started it all for Apothic Wines. Gift a bottle. Share a glass or two and ask your maternal maven about some of the mischief she’s made—other than you.

Product Image Pending for Apothic

Apothic White

The perfect gift for that white elephant gift exchange. With any luck, it’ll end up with the special person you share a dark secret with. Apothic White might seem light-bodied with a summery disposition, but it’s got a dark side that compliments controversy quite nicely.

Apothic Crush Holiday Table Setting
Product Image Pending for Apothic

Apothic Crush

If you happen to find yourself back in your hometown for the holidays and are thinking about rekindling an old flame, gift this decadent red blend wine with a personalized greeting card. With its velvety layers and luscious notes of berries, pears, and apples, Apothic Crush is the perfect gift that compliments that special person in your life.

Product Image Pending for Apothic

Apothic Inferno

Fan the flames of conversation around a crackling fire with the perfect gift for the whole party—the particularly impish, wine with a whiskey soul—Apothic Inferno. This bad boy was aged for 60 days in whiskey barrels and infuses red wine with a sly splash of intrigue.

Apothic Inferno with Corks and Wine Glass
Product Image Pending for Apothic

Apothic Red Single Serve

A thoughtful and unique present for that perpetually single (and loving it) friend in your life, Apothic Red Single Serve is more than just two convenient single servings of our true original dark-fruit forward red wine. It’s mischief to go.

Product Image Pending for Apothic

Apothic Dark

What to get your moody friend or family member who already owns every obscure rock EP? It’s got to be Apothic Dark—our own lush, brooding, decadent-style red blend, with notes of berries, licorice, and chocolate—that’s perfect for loved ones deeply in touch with their dark side.

Apothic Dark and Chocolate Candies
Product Image Pending for Apothic

Apothic Rosé

Finding something clever for the absolute angel in the family—the pure one who’s all sugar, spice and everything nice (at least on the surface)—can be particularly daunting. Enter, Apothic Rosé, an alluring-style rosé with dark secrets that’s passionately made for the privately mischievous.