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Apothic Hot Chocolate

Red Wine & Hot Chocolate Cocktail

Apothic Ginger Sparkler

Red Wine & Ginger Beer Cocktail

Apothic White Sangria

White Wine & E & J Brandy Cocktail

Apothic Kalimotxo

Red Wine & Cola Cocktail

Apothic White Mint Mojito

White Wine & Ginger Beer Cocktail

Apothic Sour Pour Over

Red Wine & Bourbon Cocktail

Irish Red Sangria

Red Wine & Irish Whiskey Cocktail

Apothic Red Cosmo

Red Wine & Vodka Cocktail

Apothic's Mulled Wine

Red Wine & Bourbon Cocktail

Devil's Maple Margarita

Red Wine & Tequila Blanco Cocktail

Red Wine Gin Sour

Red Wine & Gin Cocktail

Fragole On Ice

Sparkling Red Wine & Vodka Cocktail

Maple Bourbon Sour

Red Wine & Bourbon Cocktail

The Bishop

Red Wine & Rum Cocktail

The Whiskey Seduction

Red Wine & Whiskey Cocktail

White Ginger

White Wine & Gin Cocktail

Stake In The Heart

Sparkling Red Wine & Select Aperitivo Cocktail


Sparkling Red Wine & Scotch Cocktail

The Dash of Fire

Red Wine & Whiskey Cocktail

The Inferno Sour

Red Wine & Bourbon Cocktail

Rebellious Red Sangria

Red Wine & Brandy Cocktail

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